In the know

Clinically guided by healthcare professionals that live and breathe the everyday problems that Urgent and Emergency Care are facing. Alongside them our team of skilled professionals bring a deep understanding of the technical development necessary to create a secure, user friendly cutting edge platform.

Bookable appointments

Patient redirection to alternative services including PharmacyFirst, Emergency Dental, SDEC and virtual services such as "Call-Back Clinics"


Opto is the first Urgent Care digital clinical tool to be available in multi-language.

Intuitive thinking

Our intuitive flow of symptom related questions enables us to identify the patient’s ailment, categorise them and stream to the appropriate care.

Seamless integration

Works alongside existing Electronic Patient Records and gives Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres control.......

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The issues

  • Crowded Emergency Departments: Many emergency departments around the world face issues of crowding, leading to longer wait times and delays in care.
  • Lack of Standardised Protocols: Standardised triage and treatment protocols are essential for effective emergency care.
  • Communication Barriers: Effective communication is crucial in urgent and emergency care settings. Language barriers, cultural differences, and inadequate communication tools can hinder the delivery of timely and appropriate care.

The solutions

  • Faster Care
    Bid farewell to long waiting times.
  • Smarter Triage
    Beneft from intelligent risk assessment.
  • Safer Outcomes
    Rest assured with the enhanced capabilities within Opto’s product.
  • Cost-efficiency
    Opto Health benefts patients and healthcare institutions by optimising resource allocation.
  • Quick implementation
    8 weeks from contract to go live.

Triage in 4 minutes. Not 4 hours

Trusted, passionate workforce

Committed to making a real difference