Welcome to Our Patient Client Council!

At Opto Health, we are proud to have cultivated a thriving community of over 20 dedicated Patient Client Council members. These individuals represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, all united by a shared commitment to shaping the future of emergency care.

Our council members play a pivotal role in influencing the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions, ensuring they meet the unique needs of patients like you. Their invaluable feedback and insights are instrumental in refining our offerings, making them more effective and patient-centric.

Together, we stand as a powerful force driving positive change in the realm of emergency care. With over 20 passionate members and growing, our Patient Client Council continues to be a beacon of advocacy and innovation.

What is the Patient Client Council?

The Patient Client Council is a dynamic forum where their insights, concerns, and suggestions take centre stage. It serves as a bridge between the user and our team, ensuring that patient perspectives are woven into the very fabric of our innovations.

Why Join the Council?

By becoming a member, you gain a unique opportunity to:


Influence the development of cutting-edge technologies tailored to your needs.


Provide invaluable feedback on our solutions, helping us refine and improve them.


Collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a passion for enhancing emergency care.


Be at the forefront of advancements that directly impact your healthcare experience.

Your Voice Matters!

We believe that together, we can drive positive change in emergency care, making it more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric. Your insights are the compass that guides us in this mission.

We extend our deepest gratitude to each council member for their unwavering dedication to improving healthcare for all.

How to Get Involved

Volunteering for the Patient Client Council is simple. Click here to register and start sharing your valuable perspectives today.